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“This Trend Is Out Of Control”

May 31, 2008

Pearls Before Swine


“Becuss Zeebas Is Like Unnecesary Horses”

May 24, 2008


Turducken Has Arrived

December 8, 2007

Yes, this dubious gourmet item has finally arrived on the shores of our mother-island.

For the uninitiated, Turducken, a vegetarian’s nightmare and a meat-lover’s sweet dream, is a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey.

I googled for images of Turducken to accompany this post but found none that did not cause to me hyperventilate in pre-heart attack agony at first sight.  Google at your own risk.

Who ever came up with the idea?  Was it an inventive mother whose three kids wanted different Christmas dinners?  A hunter who shot all three animals on the same day, only to find out when he got home, that his fridge was busted  and so had to cook all three that night?  Or was it a meat-lover who just did not fancy the usual bread stuffing in his turkey?

In any case, why stop there?  Why not stuff the Turducken into a lamb, into a cow and then into an elephant?

Tada!  Turducken La-Cowphant.  Sounds French.  Any takers?

My Favourite Artist

December 6, 2007

Van Gogh Action FigureNeither my favourite bard, composer, nor writer, but funny action figures.
Shakespeare Action Figure

Mozart Action Figure

Poe Action Figure

Sandbox Requests

November 25, 2007

A&W Root BeerKinder Country    Obelix  Mr. FriendlyChristensen Flame  Corn Pops        Stuffed Panda
From L – R : A&W Rootbeer, Kinder Country, Obelix, Mr. Friendly, Christensen Flame Marble, Corn Pops, Stuffed Panda.

Did You Know That…

October 22, 2007

Speedy Gonzales has a cousin named Slowpoke Rodriguez?  He is reputed to be the slowest mouse in all Mexico.

And I Disagree Again!

September 17, 2007

And contrary to BGF’s opinion, I think the new iPod is hip! Square is always in!

Brings to mind another favourite from Sesame Street!

I Disagree!

September 17, 2007

Despite what Yahoo! says, I think Jaime Pressly’s dress is lovely. Old-time glam!

Jaime Pressly’s Emmy Dress

Surveyed their Best Dressed list and realised that there really wasn’t any need to defend my opinion because, apparently, whoever drew up Yahoo!‘s best and worst dressed list must be half-blind.

How else did the following all make the best dressed list?!

JLD’s Emmy Dress

MLP’s Emmy Dress

KW’s Emmy Dress

HK’s Emmy Dress

I’m no fashion expert but the it’s plain to see what’s wrong with the dresses.

No. 1 has an awful shape and poor workmanship

No. 2 looks like a vase/lampshade hybrid

No. 3 a clingy overstretched nightie

No. 4 a half-opened fancy Japanese style package

Is it just me?  Or is Yahoo! seriously off-track?

My Favourite Comic Strip #002

April 27, 2007

This is too good to not share. If you don’t know the history between crocs and “zeebas”, see here and here.





I want…

November 7, 2006

a/c that’s always just right.

a dog and a cat of the same colouring and marks.

chocolate ice cream mochi.

less humidity.

no aches and pains.

resolution to let my hair grow out.

socks that don’t pinch.

socks that don’t slide.

house slippers.

ready-made pie crust.

Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate espresso truffle.

less traffic.

more stars.

less people.

more silence.


pumpkin pie with lots of freshly-whipped cream.