Have I Ever Mentioned What My Ultimate Ambition Is?

April 14, 2008

I think I have, but let me say it again.

My ambition is to live in a beach hut and sell cold drinks to the occasional ang moh tourist.

If I’m feeling uber-ambitious on any particular day, I might whip out some good food and try to hawk it to some ravenous fresh-from-the-sea teenager.

If I’m feeling uber-uber-ambitious, I might produce some craft work and sell them to middle-aged first-time-in-Asia “everything-is-so-exotic” lady tourists.

Somewhere, somewhere. A beach hut awaits me.


2 Responses to “Have I Ever Mentioned What My Ultimate Ambition Is?”

  1. miss ene Says:

    Eh, that was also my dream leh. Except that my dream involved going wakeboarding whenever I felt like it. Customers can help themselves to the drinks and pay whatever they liked.

  2. zigzagza Says:

    I’d rather snorkel. Don’t fancy a noisy motorboat ruining my peace. You are so not getting a hut beside mine.

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