Sometimes, I Feel Like My World Is A Monkey House

March 27, 2008

It’s almost always hectic and noisy, most times over not-very-apparently important things. And it seems that things are only quiet when everyone’s mouths are stuffed with bananas.

Sometimes, I can’t even go to the toilet in peace without a colony-mate banging on the door, announcing some trivial or not-so-trivial matters in a treehouse-burning-down bananas-going-extinct manner.

Sometimes, I can’t go five minutes without having to mediate an altercation.

Sometimes, I can’t walk in a straight line without stepping on some squeaky toy, article of clothing, discarded shoe or leftovers.

And in the background, and even worse, foreground, there’s always noise noise noise. Even when monkeys are quiet, there’s the traffic.

And the phone, my word, the phone. Does it have to be quite so insistent?

And those on the bus who play that awful music on their cell phones. To borrow Satchel’s words, British pound asterisk ampersand.

Satchel’s Words

The inventor of earphones has turned over in his grave a million times. The neglect of his wonderful invention. Cast away like yesterday’s banana peel. Can’t-live-without for decades and now suddenly made obsolete by gross inconsideration and self-centeredness.

Can I just have some quiet, please?

I mean no disparagement and have the most respect for monkeys and I mean no disrespect to the people I have described here (except for the cell phone music players), just that the mother-island’s iconic zoo’s Monkey Island seems a parallel to my life at this time.


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