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Every Instinct Within a Human is Honed for Survival

February 23, 2008

One likes the smell of another whose immune system is significantly different from one’s own, which ensures that their offspring inherit the best possible immune system.

Men pick pretty girls with curves because pretty means symmetric and symmetric means good genes, curves means hips and breasts of substantial size which means plenty of space to incubate a baby and plenty of milk.

Women pick muscular men with body hair because muscles means he can drag home a moose for dinner and body hair keeps her warm at night. Ha!

Despite our modern trappings and recurring fads favouring androgynous women or adolescent-y men, we are not very different from our caveman/hunter-gatherer/nomadic forefathers.

Still very intact is our instinct to react to violence with violence, pain with pain. To give ourselves credit, we have learned to curb our impulses. Some have chosen to rely on the law of the land to hand out appropriate penalties. Some look to higher entities or simply karma to dish out well-deserved comeuppance. Some truly turn the other cheek.

In Memoirs of a Geisha, the protagonist describes her first experience in getting her hair done Geisha-style, the hairdresser dragging hot wax over her hair. She bears with the pain and contemplates that humans have truly been cultivated. If the hairdresser had attempted to do the same to a cat, the cat would surely have made good use of those sharp claws.

Isn’t it instinctive to hit out at someone who hits you? Isn’t it instinctive to be angry when someone assaults you?

Nothing more to say.


Nothing Much and Something Much

February 17, 2008

So many activities and stuff but nothing much that makes that much of a difference. I guess life is an accumulation of nothing-muchness that turns out to be somethingness at the end of it all.

Mochi is talking and talking and talking. Bilingual in English and Gibberish.

Picks up the phone and goes, “Herro herro?! *gibberish gibberish gibberish* Ok, bye bye!”

Scatters her toys all over the room and exclaims, “OH! See how messy!”

Goes to the door, “Ding Dong! Herro Dar-ing!”

Cookie Monster impression, “Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum…” Food all over her feet and the floor.

Goes to fridge, “Open up! Open up!”

Points to desired goodie, “Want this want this!”

Renewed resolution to not complain and be positive.

Have yet to clean out my room despite year-end break and Lunar New Year break. There’s always something better to do.

My vision is now pretty much 6/6. Yeay to technology.

I want every day to be Sunday.

I need clothes and accessories that are not orange, green or red. I almost always look like a citrus fruit. In varying stages of ripeness.

Black is so dull.

Anchovies and garlic marinated roast chicken seems a delicious idea.

Calling occupants of interplanetary craft.

I talk too much. Perhaps a vow of silence is in order.


I’ve lost the hollows in my collarbones. I say it’s an excess of lipid cells. Mother thinks it’s an excess of years of age.

Ankle still giving me grief. Seriously, the doc was not joking.

Like I said before, nothing much and something much

Overheard #467

February 3, 2008

On a very crowded bus with my students, standing space only, co-teacher and I were doling out positive reinforcement for dealing well with the situation, in form of verbal praise.

“Jason, good job standing nicely.”

“Vin, good holding on to the pole.”

“Annie, nice standing.”

“Pete, very good holding on to your bag.”

When we got off the bus, another colleague told us that he overheard one passenger tell his friend, referring to our verbal praise: “How I wish my girlfriend is more like that.”


Took a Tumble Down the Stairs

February 1, 2008

I limped in and surrendered my foot to the doctor. He took a look at it, felt around gently and chuckled, “Don’t you want to celebrate the new year?”

“He must be joking,” I thought. “The new year is a good 10 days away. Surely, it’s just a little sprain.”

The doc then proceeded to extract the most pain possible with a series of bone cracking maneuvers. Good thing it lasted all of 2 minutes. I trooped out, collected my medicated bandages, made an appointment for a follow-up in 2 days’ time and went home confident that I would be able to work the next day.

Next morning, alarm goes off, feet touches the ground – Ouch!

Ok… Maybe it’ll be better after a warm shower.

After shower, step out – Ouch ouch!

Ok… No going to work today. In fact, it turned out, no going to work for 2 days.

Back to doc’s for follow-up. I begin to get the feeling that this is more than just a leeetle sprain.

Surrendered my foot to the doc again.

“You weren’t joking the last time?” I asked. “When you asked if I didn’t want to celebrate the new year? I thought it was just a small matter.”

“Doctors never joke,” he replied with a twinkle in his eye.

After another 2 minutes of pain, he announced, “Come back again in 2 days’ time. And that was not a joke.” *twinkle*

Alright. I get it. It’s more than a little sprain.