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Baby Tries To Find All The Right Words

November 29, 2007

I was feeding snacks to the other two when she ambled up to us and said, “Want.”

I replied, “No, you can’t have any.”

She continued, “Want. Want this. This. Want. Want this. Want this please. Please, please. This want.”

She even pointed to the snack and right to the mouths of the other two who were busy chomping away.

I said again, “You can’t have this.”

And she persevered, trying to find all the right words, “Kiscuit. Want kiscuit. Kiscuit please. This want. Want please.”

I ignored her and even tried to turn away from her. I was suitably impressed by her language skills and her politeness.

I would have relented and gave her some if not for the fact that the other two are cats and the snacks so desired are kitty treats. Ha!

That did not stop her from really wanting them though!


Sandbox Requests

November 25, 2007

A&W Root BeerKinder Country    Obelix  Mr. FriendlyChristensen Flame  Corn Pops        Stuffed Panda
From L – R : A&W Rootbeer, Kinder Country, Obelix, Mr. Friendly, Christensen Flame Marble, Corn Pops, Stuffed Panda.

The Past Comes A-Calling

November 18, 2007

Every now and then, it does.

My assorted treasure and junk made its way back to me from SD. Glasses, tea cups, marbles, paperwork, calendars, bags, trinkets, mail, photo frames, books.

Things that used to hang on my wall, line the shelves, pile up on my desk, perch on the window sills. I wonder who lives there now.

Video project: Remove the west wall of the apartment, set up at video camera with a gigantic-humongous-colossal roll of film and just record the happenings in and around the apartment, from the time it was built to when it gets torn down or the world self-annihilates, whichever comes earlier.

I don’t know what other episodes would look like, but the episode In Which Za and HDD Make House would see two very different girls – the white girl in her white room with the drafting table and the brown girl in her brown room with assorted knick-knacks nailed to the wall – enjoying quiet and bliss, a respite from school and an escape from the ghetto in which they had previously lived.

Of course, one always remembers only the good stuff when looking backwards. Not a very accurate picture, that is sure.

Let’s see.. The bad:

1. School fees that need to be paid. Exorbitant, constantly-on-the-increase school fees.

2. Running down the hill to catch the bus.

3. Trudging up the hill with loads of groceries.

4. Paper-thin walls that allow us to hear the neighbour tell his girlfriend, with more than a bit of mirth and pride, and not quite enough embarrassment, that he’s been wearing the same shorts for a week.

5. Trudging down the hill to take a bus up the hill to go to the laundromat, with a gigantic bag of laundry each, much to the bus driver’s amusement.

6. A certain Kitty Cat that demands to be let in and out all hours of the night. And when in, insists on sleeping on my chest and tickling my face with his whiskers.

7. Airplanes taking off from the naval base that rattle the walls and windows.

8. Waking up and going to class early in the morning on cold winter days. Ok, so it wasn’t snowing, but it was cold enough for me.

9. Vacuuming. I dislike vacuuming.

10. A shower head that falls off its holder and *klonks* us on the head if we’re not careful.

Anyway, looking back is only for people who have the luxury of time.

And right now, I really should be showered, dressed and out of the door.

And so I go.

Constant Dreaming

November 15, 2007

My last thought before I go to sleep: the school

My dreams: the school

My first thought when I wake up in the middle of the night: the school

That’s not the kind of life I want to lead.  I don’t want all my energies, my thoughts, my waking moments to be consumed by this one thing.

Perhaps if I’m better at my job, then I wouldn’t be constantly thinking and planning and worrying about what to do for the students.

Perhaps they really don’t need me there.

Perhaps it’s time to wrap things up and bow out.