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Ok, I Feel Better

May 24, 2007

Today, I renewed my resolution to not complain.  I think it’s working.


I Adore Hoops & Yoyo

May 21, 2007

They’re so silly. They cheer me up. So here.

Here’s the whole lot of cheering up I need.

Hoops & Yoyo in Norway

Hoops & Yoyo in England

Hoops & Yoyo in Rome

Post Note:  Since I’m feeling much better now, Hoops and Yoyo can go back to being normal-sized.



In Which A Meth Lab Was Set Up In My Back Balcony

May 15, 2007

A hotch-potch bunch of friends was staying over for the night. Good hostess that I am, I laid out bed rolls in the store room, set them up for the night and went to bed myself.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by sounds of someone having a nightmare. I went to check on my friends and shook awake the dreamer. Then I heard sounds from the back balcony. Went to check that out.

To my horror, BGF’s Ex-BF, one of the over-nighters, had set up a meth lab in my back balcony. He had curtained the balcony with canvas sheets. Thick white smoke, accompanied by a horrible horrible chemical stench, was spreading all through the apartment.

I ran to my room, picked up the phone and dialled for the police. It rang and rang and rang. And in the dream, I recalled that I had called the police numerous times for numerous reasons in other dreams and I never experienced a timely response. Then I recalled (still in the dream) that my mom called the police (in real life) just a few days ago to report a bunch of fighting teenagers in our block. She got a timely response. No fair.

The police finally answered my call. I told them the problem and asked them to come over quickly. The person on the phone told me to hold while they decided on the next course of action.

As I was holding the line, my grandad’s domestic helper came into my room and tried to serve me breakfast. What is going on!?! She doesn’t live in this apartment and I don’t eat breakfast in the bedroom. I waved her out but she insisted on serving me the darn breakfast. The breakfast plate was resting on a receptacle. I lifted the plate and found that the receptacle was filled with the smoking substance. She’s in cahoots with BGF’s Ex-BF! They’re trying to smoke me out!

I was still on hold! What are the police going to do about this?!? I looked out of my window. Policemen were scaling the wall to get to my 7th floor apartment. Why on earth they did not just use the elevator and ring my doorbell, I never know.

Rain On Us, Righteousness

May 9, 2007

BGF has been bugging me to post, complete with a hammering-on-the-head emoticon.

Nothing much is new. I have *almost* no life. I work and I rest. I work and I rest. That’s about it. I haven’t been downtown in soo many months that I had no idea that they had bulldozed the park, the only decent place to get some fresh air, to make space for yet another ginornous mall full of the same boutiques and restaurants, topped with the same boring office space and the same swanky rip-you-off apartments.

I guess that’s why I haven’t been blogging. Every issue that comes up is something to lament or rant about.

There is so much evil in this world. Two weeks ago, the headline news on a Saturday morning is the conviction of a man who assaulted several women. To make things worse, these are women who came to our little mother island in search of a better life, in a place where they hear is safe and good. For the most part, we are. This is still one of the few places in the world where women can walk around at night without fear. But specimens like this guy (I’m trying not to use the a****** or b****** word on him) are changing life as we know it. It grieves me deeply to read about how the women are coping with the aftermath. I couldn’t even finish reading the news article.

Not a day goes by when there are not news reports of rapes, molestations, incestual rapes, statutory rapes, assaults and such. What is this world coming to?

How many times have we heard, on those reality TV shows, that the contestant was sooo sexy *yeeeha* or not sexy enough *bleah*? Even home appliances are being advertised as having sexy silhouettes. In a home visit program, one lady was explaining that she likes her dining table very much because “the curves are so sexy”. What?! Are we living in Sodom and Gomorrah now?

Yahweh, we need your righteousness! Teach us how to be righteous.