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My Dentist Is So Popular…

December 20, 2006

That he’s fully booked for the rest of the year. Fully booked! Not one tiny little slot he can fit me in. And all I need is 15 mins.

So see here… If he works 7 hours a day, sees 4 patients an hour, each patient paying $35, he makes *mental math*… $980 a day, $4,900 a week, $19,600 a month! (Ok, so I used a calculator.)

That’s a lot of money! And he’s young and good looking too. Well, from what I can see that is not covered by the mask.



How to Get Myself a Guy #386

December 19, 2006

Purchase from 3rd world country.

Or is that politically incorrect?

Overheard #081

December 19, 2006

One mother feeding her bouncing-around toddler:

“Shua, bring your mouth here.”

*Ring Ring* Part 2

December 16, 2006

Related previous conversion to my mom…

Mom: Well, yeah, you’re the only one who has clothes like that.

Me: :/

*Ring Ring*

December 15, 2006

Me: Hello?

Sis: Hello! I need to borrow clothes from you! I’m going to a party on Friday and the theme is fashion disaster.

Me: :/

Useless Word

December 6, 2006

BGF informs me that I misspelled sargeant in my previous post. It really should be sergeant.

That made me ponder why I didn’t know how to spell the word.

Instant realization: It’s such a useless word. Only army boys need it. BGF corrected me saying NCC and NPCC boys need it too. But those are army boy wannabe-s, so same thing.

“hi. sorry to sms u…

December 6, 2006

do u want to be friends? good friends r hard to come by. we don’t know each other, but can get to know one another. no worries”

That’s a text message I received this morning. From a random somebody. Who maybe just decided to send such messages to phone numbers he makes up.

It might be a bit presumptious of me to assume that it’s a guy. But let’s face it, it’s a he. I can hardly imagine a girl resorting to such methods. In any case, if she does, she should be fired from the female race.

What motivates a person to send a random message like that? How does he know that the recipient of his message is not some crazed serial murderer?  Or stalker?  Ok, maybe that’s a bit far-fetched in our little mother island.

But what if the recipient is his aunt, cousin, uncle, primary school principle, ex-math tutor, ex-girlfriend’s mother, cousin twice-removed, mother’s colleague, father’s boss, sister’s friend, sargeant, recruit or platoon commander’s wife?  In our little mother island, that is NOT too far-fetched.

What are the rates of response? And the rates of success? Success being that he does find a good friend, seeing as that is his agenda.

I should ask him.

But if I do, I will be a contributor to his rate of response. Which is something I don’t want to do.

No encouragement necessary.

I Want This Dress!

December 4, 2006

I just found the most incredible retro clothing line!


No, it has nothing to do with the tap-dancing specimens currently on the big screen.

It all started with this dress that is currently carried in Urban Outfitters.

Penguin Shirt Dress

It’s quirky. It’s adorable. It’s retro. It’s exorbitant.

Anyone knows a good tailor?