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Ugly Bags Competition #001

November 26, 2006

So BGF and I searched and searched for spectacularly ugly shoes worthy of the next ugly shoes competition. And while we found plenty of ugly ugly ugly ones, we are holding off the competition to lie in wait and ambush truly spectacularly ugly ones. (May I select candidates off people’s feet?)

Meanwhile, we stumbled upon these gems and decided that they are worthy of starting their own competition – the ugly bags competition!

Slight change: BGF and I will no longer state which is her selection and which is mine. They shall be anonymously labelled Exhibit A and Exhibit B. Cos BGF accused me of swinging votes… (But my shoes were really uglier what!)

So here goes:

Exhibit A

Tai-tai meets Genghis Khan haute couture

You can just see a Tai-tai, kiap-ing this bag in her underarms, wearing a matching fur-trimmed jacket and high-heeled boots, sitting tall and pretty on a horse, tightly-curled hair tossed in the wind, on her way to tea at her friend’s yurt.

Ugly Bag #001~A

Exhibit B

Tai-tai shaves Genghis Khan’s horse haute couture

The Tai-tais decide to adjourn to dinner at the coolest yurt in town. Previously mentioned Tai-tai realises that she is not in possession of a bag worthy of a fancy dinner. She orders her horse to be shaved and this bag made. Pronto.

The flower motif you see on the body of the bag is made of the unfortunate (and cold) horse’s hair.

Ugly Bag #001~B

You know what to do… vote!

You may also vote here!


Why Do Some People… #007

November 21, 2006

…place their EZ-Link card somewhere in the deep recesses of their gigantic backpack so that they can slug their fellow-passengers as they swing their bag forward, roll it around on the card reader furiously, waiting to hear the *beep*, all the while causing a traffic jam at the gantry?

Another Weekend Comes And Goes

November 20, 2006

Weekends are too short.  I wonder who it was who decided that weekends should be 2 days long and weekdays 5.

How about a compromise? 3 – 4, can?

Warning: Gross Stuff Ahead

November 18, 2006

The subject of this post has been brought to my attention by a book called Micro Monsters, brought in by someone at work.

I wish I had never gone to work that day. Let me share the horror with you.

Did you know that most people are hosts to eyelash mites?! The name of it is bad enough, but let me further describe.

These mites live heads-in in your eyelash follicle, feeding on sebaceous excretion and dead skin cells. They come out to the skin surface at night to mate and return to the follicle to LAY THEIR EGGS! The eggs hatch and *tada!* you got babies and the population of eyelash mites you are host to increases exponentially.

And… here’s what they look like! That’s their heiny you see as their faces are buried into your follicle, feeding away.

Eyelash Mites

And don’t bother scrubbing your eyes out tonight when you shower. Almost nothing gets them out.

Experts say that they do no harm except that if too many are in one follicle, that eyelash will come loose and fall out easily. In fact, some say that eyelash mites and you exist in a symbiotic relationship in that they actually eat your waste material, thus cleaning you up. Maybe they’re trying to say that if you didn’t have eyelash mites, you’d have greasy and dandruffy eyelashes.

Also, small comfort: Eyelash mites are so efficient that they eat but do not has excretory exits and thus there is no eyelash mite poop falling into your eyes.

If you think you are safe, you’re not! MOST people have them.

If you use eyeliner and mascara, you most definitely have more of them!

If you don’t wash off your eyeliner and mascara well, you probably already have an infestation.

Thank you for your attention to this public safety announcement. We wish you a peaceful night’s sleep!

Photo credit: Science Photo Library

Info from:

One Tommy Gets To Live Another Year

November 13, 2006

So, no Thanksgiving for me this year. No selecting, defrosting, massaging, marinating, stuffing, roasting, basting, carving and eating Tommy the Turkey.

And worse still, no pumpkin pie.

No warm toasty kitchen and frosty backyard. No stuffing myself silly then getting yet another slice of pie.

Maybe some enlightened bakery somewhere on my little tropical mother island will be making pumpkin pies.

Idiosyncracy #210

November 11, 2006

Clothes must be arranged by colour – from whites to yellows to reds to purples to blues to teals to greens to greys to blacks.

That makes life soo much easier.

So Far…

November 10, 2006

I’ve been hit, scratched, kicked, body slammed, spat at, hugged, kissed, sniffed, had a chair thrown at me.  And today, to top it all off, I was bitten.

Anyone wants to trade jobs?

I want…

November 7, 2006

a/c that’s always just right.

a dog and a cat of the same colouring and marks.

chocolate ice cream mochi.

less humidity.

no aches and pains.

resolution to let my hair grow out.

socks that don’t pinch.

socks that don’t slide.

house slippers.

ready-made pie crust.

Ghirardelli’s dark chocolate espresso truffle.

less traffic.

more stars.

less people.

more silence.


pumpkin pie with lots of freshly-whipped cream.

Ugly Shoes Competition #001 – Results!!

November 6, 2006

Ok, Everybody! Here’s a recap.


missene’s ugly shoes #001

missene’s ugly shoes #001

za’s ugly shoes #001

Ugly Shoe #001

Thank you for ALLL your votes because…

za wins by a landslide of 9 votes to missene’s 4 votes!

Yeay yeay! *cartwheels* I knew purple and shimmery would come through.

Thank you all for your rapt attention. Stay tuned for the next installment of Ugly Shoes Competition!